Compounding and pelletizing line:

1.High quality and advanced design.

2.Wide range of applications.

3.Energy-saving 30%.

4.Automatic, less labour.

5.Clean workshop. Little dust.


1.Wide range of applications.

2.No leakage of powder.

3.Efficient and great dispersion.

4.Energy-saving, Long service life.


1.Multi-stage temperature control;

2.Low noise.Long service life


4.With frequency conversion


1.Low noise.Long service life


3.With frequency conversion

4.Wide range of applications.

Pelletizer For CIM:


2.High efficient.

3.Don’t need to crush the mixed ceramic materials when extruding.

Kneader for Ti alloy:

1.Low content of oxygen, below 1000ppm.

2.Good sealing, No leakage of powder.

3.Low noise and long service life.



1.No leakage of powder.

2.Easy to discharge and clean.

3.Low noise and long service life.

4.With frequency conversion.

Ceramic kneader:


2.Easy to clean and discharge

3.High Efficient.

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As a professional manufacturer that specializes in making mixer and pelletizer, CFine Machinery takes part in many exhibitions every year. Including rubber, plastic, ceramic and metal powder injection industries. CFine\'s machines are suitable for compounding and pelletizing many materials including plastic, rubber, ceramic powder and metal powder, etc. New heating and cooling system bring great warming and cooling performance. The precise temperature control system ensures that material properties do not change during processing.


Dongguan CFine Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that mainly engaged in designing, R&D, manufacturing, selling and maintaining the plastic, rubber, powder metallurgy, ceramic powder, magnetic powder and all of the chemical material compounding and granulating equipment. We have strong technical strength in R&D, full range of advanced equipment and well-trained manufacturing team, together with modern management mode, convenient and swift after-sales service. Our machines are sold all over the world. We had established long-term and stable relationships of cooperation with our customers. Also obtained accordant appreciation in this industry.


CFine can ensure the reliability of our products through drawings, raw materials, processing, assembly and inspection processes. Use the highest quality raw materials and strict production processes to ensure product quality. Our commitment to our customers Every product we sell is value-added.

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MIM process

How to make MIM feedstocks ? What kinds of machines will be used for preparing MIM feedstocks?

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CFine is a manufacture of metal and ceramic powder mixing machine and pelletizer for MIM and CIM. Click for more information about us.

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