New-generation MIM feedstock making machine

How to make good quality MIM feedstock? How to make good quality CIM feedstock?

2019-10-24 1192

History of metal injection molding

history of metal injection molding. History of powder injection molding. Future of MIM.

2019-11-08 1230

Metal injection Molding Technology

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) provides precision parts while eliminating extensive machining to save cost. MIM process is ideal for firearms to electronic parts.

2019-11-07 1140

This post is too important to pass by!

What the MIM is? How are MIM parts made?

2019-11-07 1033

MIM for small metal and alloy parts

MIM, metal injection molding, Application of MIM what is the applications of MIM? What kinds of parts can be manufactureed by MIM? Usage of MIM.

2019-10-06 1241

Common defects in Metal Injection Molding

How to solve the defects in MIM process? What kinds of defects will happen in MIM technology? How to aviod the defects in MIM?

2019-09-16 1079

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