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 Arrangement for inspection, installation and testing:
● If you need us to help you install and train your workers,  please inform us in advance. And you need to help us to arrange the visa to your country.
● After being informed machines are ready for inspection, customer should send engineers or third party to our factory for inspection and test. Customer  also could consign CFine to finish inspection work.
● When the machines are delivered to your factory, please arrange preparation work for installation
● CFine will send technicians to your factory after preparation work is done.
● Technicians will be responsible for guide on-site installation and testing machines.
   All the costs caused during the installation period should paied by the buyers.

 Quality guarantee
1. CFine are not responsible for any damage to the goods caused by the ttransportation company during the transportation process. Cfine can provide repairs, but customers need to pay for the parts.
2. CFine provide quality assurance within one year after installation and commissioning. During the warranty period, CFine will provide free accessories due to defects caused by the equipment itself. However, problems caused by the wrong operation or modification are not covered by the warranty.

 Long-term service:
1. CFine will charge customers of spare parts after the quality guarantee period. 
2. You can consult us if you have any problems during the operation of the equipment. CFine will provide you with a more reasonable solution.

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